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Meet iBand+

  • EEG brain sensing functionality
  • Integrated health tracking sensors
  • Auto learning software algorithm
  • Audio-visual stimuli through RGB LEDs on iBand+ and compact pillow speakers
  • iBand+ app with pre-loaded audios, provides sleep statistics and improvement suggestions


In developer edition, iBand+ provides access to processed EEG frequency spectrums (Alpha, Beta, etc.) as well as raw EEG data so that developers can use iBand+ as standalone or integrate it into numerous Bluetooth controlled applications to create amazing new experiences.

Developers can publish their apps on iBand+ website that would enable everyone to use iBand+ in many other ways.

iBand+ potential applications


  • The headband strap made of high quality soft and breathable fabric for superior comfort.
  • Low power Bluetooth 4.0 module that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone.
  • 4 LEDs placed at interpupillary distances (eye distances) that optimally cover almost all the face sizes.
  • With RGB LEDs users can customize the colors of the visual cues as per individual preferences.


iBand+ headband communicates with iBand+ app on your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can conveniently check your sleep statistics and improvement suggestions.

You can even customize your iBand+ from this app to set LED light patterns and the brightness as well as the audio cues.

iBand+ app
Frequently Asked Questions

Is iBand+ a medical device?

No, iBand+ is not a medical device. It is a consumer electronic product not meant to diagnose or treat any disease or illness.

What is EEG?

Brain cells (neurons) use electrical pulses to transmit messages. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a technology to measure brain waves, which are the summed electrical activities of many neurons. iBand+ is the EEG headband that reads and records activity in the brain through its dry electrodes.

Is lucid dreaming scientifically researched?

Yes, lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically. Many psychologists and researchers have recognized that lucid dreams can help with artistic creativity, problem-solving, improving sports and language skills, and can even help people prone to nightmares to get their fears under control.

Is good sleep that important?

Indeed, it is! Read more about sleep cycles and importance of sleep on:

How do I charge iBand+ headband?

You can charge iBand+ through a standard micro USB interface.

How will I contribute to iBand+ development?

We are looking forward to your feedback and improvement suggestions to develop world-class product. Technical specifications will evolve during the course of development such that we can deliver the best EEG brain sensing and health tracking headband to you!

What are the possibilities with the developer edition?

In developer edition, iBand+ provides access to processed as well as raw EEG data so that developers can use iBand+ standalone or integrate it in numerous Bluetooth controlled applications to create amazing new experiences.

I am a member of the press. How do I get in touch with you?

You can download our press kit here. We encourage you to use the videos and the images as long as you credit iBand+ and post a link to http://www.ibandplus.com. For interview requests or any press related queries, please email at hello@ibandplus.com with subject “PRESS”.

Where do I connect the iBand+ pillow speakers?

To the smartphone installed with iBand+ app.

Where do I place the iBand+ pillow speakers?

iBand+ pillow speakers should be placed inside your pillowcase under your pillow.

Can I play audio cues on my smartphone speakers if I want?

Yes, you can. However, be aware that smartphone speakers will not provide you as discreet sound as iBand+ pillow speakers. That could inadvertently wake you and your partner.

On which platforms will the app be available?

Initially the app will be available on iOS and Android platforms.

How does iBand+ headband communicate with iBand+ app?

iBand+ headband communicates with iBand+ app wirelessly via Bluetooth.

How can I view my brain and body information?

You can view your brain and body information in an easily interpretable format from the iBand+ app on your smartphone.

How can I customize the iBand+ settings?

iBand+ settings can be easily and conveniently modified from the iBand+ app.

Can I customize the iBand+ audio cues?

Yes, you can customize the audio cues to include special sounds from the iBand+ app library. You can also select from your favorite music, sounds and audio books.

And, what about the visual cues?

You can also customize the LED light patterns, brightness and the colors.

How will I receive software updates?

Through app upgrades.

Are all the prices including taxes and/or duties?

The prices are excluding taxes and/or import duties. You will receive iBand+ as a reward for your contribution and support to this campaign. You will have to check with your local authorities if any taxes or duties are applicable to you.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Indiegogo/Kickstarter returns. However, we will repair/replace the defective unit free of cost. Thank you for your understanding and your support.

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